NEW INFO: Thursday Thunderstorms Result In Fires, Lightning Strikes

Those booming thunderstorms on Thursday also came with lightning, and we are told it hit a few homes in the east.

Three were hit in Carteret County alone. In two instances, there were fires.

The worst damage happened at a home on Cummins Creek Road, outside of Beaufort.

In that case the fire marshal hasn't confirmed it was a lightning strike, but the the National Weather Service says there was a lightning storm in the area at the time.

Neighbors say the homeowners had gone out of town that morning to visit their daughter. Around 1:15 p.m. the mail carrier saw the home's porch on fire and called 911. It took seven fire departments more than five hours to put out the blaze.

On South Breeze Lane, a 10-year-old was up in the cupola as the storm approached. The child told us he saw a bright light and then a loud boom. He screamed as he ran downstairs and his mom ran to him.

The cupola caught fire, and the lightning took out all the home's televisions and internet.

Another house on Shipmast Court was hit by lightning. The home's cupola was also hit, with the strike causing some damage to electronic equipment inside.

The three lightning strikes happened less than two hours from each other, and fortunately no one was hurt.