Thursday Night Comedy Is Back With Two New Shows

(NBC News) NBC's Thursday comedy lineup adds to more players to the roster tonight.

Following "Parks and Recreation" and before "The Michael J. Fox Show", it's "welcome to the family" and "Sean Saves The World".

One couple's anticipation of an empty nest gets derailed in "Welcome to The Family".

"Basically, I'm not ready to be a grandparent, but I'm about to be," said actor Mike O'Malley.

That news alone causes turmoil for the Yoder family.

"I don't think there's a family who escapes those moments. You just sort of have to adjust your plan," said actress Mary McCormack.

But the Hernandez family's also adjusting.

The two granddads to be have some work to do to try to find some common ground.

"Arrosso y rechasso. We're rejecting but we're embracing at the same time," actor Ricardo A. Chavira said.

After "Welcome ToThe Family", NBC welcomes Sean Hayes back to the peacock family with "Sean Saves The World".

"Sean can barely save the day, let alone the world," actor Sean Hayes said.

He plays a divorced dad adjusting to full time fatherhood with teen daughter amidst ever present opinion from his mom.

"She just wants you to know that she has a better idea and he doesn't agree," actress Linda Lavin said.

Sean's also trying to keep his work life on the rails the consequences start playing out tonight.

Also co-starring with Sean Hayes in the series is Megan Hilty.

The two of them appeared together last season in a couple of episodes of "Smash".

Hayes hasn't been 'on camera' quite as much in recent years since "will and grace", because he's been busy producing tv shows, including "Grimm" and "Hollywood Game Night".