Four Sentenced To Prison After Child Thrown Off Roof

Four people are headed to prison after a four-year-old girl was thrown from a roof and struck the side of a swimming pool in Beaufort County in July 2011.

Megan Woolard was sentenced to a minimum of 16 months and maximum of 20 months, Emmanuel Ruffin was sentenced from 17 to 30 months, Camelia Cartwright was sentenced from 17 to 30 months and Brandon Wooland was sentenced from 19 to 23 months.

It happened at a home on Terrapin Track Road. The child was thrown from the roof of a mobile home towards an above-ground pool and struck the side of the pool.

According to the District Attorney's office, "Megan and Brandon Woolard were on top of the roof. The evidence was that Megan helped the child get on the roof; Brandon is the one who actually threw her. Cartwright and Ruffin were like family to the child, who was in their care on this occasion and were standing outside the mobile home and near the pool when this occurred."

In addressing the court Wednesday, District Attorney Seth Edwards said there were two separate but related incidents that led to the child’s injuries.

“We have the act of putting a four year old on the roof and attempting to throw her in the pool; and we have the act of covering up what happened and lying to the medical personnel,” Edwards said.

Edwards said any of the four could have easily prevented the incident from happening, but none of them did.

The child had internal injuries and spent 22 days in the intensive care unit at the hospital in Greenville.

Edwards said the child's kidney was split in half, and that the medical bills up to this point exceed $1.5 million.

According to the District Attorney's office, Judge W. Russell Duke also recorded a civil judgment against each defendant for the $1.5 million.

Danielle Kraft, the mother of the girl, told the judge Wednesday the doctors said her child might not make it out of the hospital alive and described the scar on her daughter's stomach.

“A year out of their lives is a small price to pay for what they did to my daughter’s life,” Kraft said.