Four Swimming Advisories Lifted, Two Others Remain For Carteret County Locations

State environmental officials lifted four swimming advisories posted Wednesday in Eastern Carolina, while two others remain in effect.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources took down signs at the Junior Sailing Camp at Taylor's Creek in Carteret County after follow-up tests showed the water was again safe to use for swimming and water play.

DENR did the same for three sites in Pamlico County, as well.

However, the state says two other beach access sites in Atlantic Beach continue to have advisories posted due to high bacteria levels.

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Six more locations now have swim advisories after state officials found bacteria levels above safe standards.

Three of those locations are in Carteret County, while the others are in Pamlico County.

In Carteret County, the advisories are for the beach access at the end of Henderson Boulevard in Atlantic Beach, the beach access at the Fort Macon bathhouse, and at the Junior Sailing Camp on Taylor's Creek.

For Pamlico County the advisories affect the public access on the south side of Dawson Creek Bridge in Janerio; the public swimming area at the junction of Pecan Lane and Live Oak Road in Kennels Beach; and the swimming area just north of Windmill Point in Vandemere Creek in Vandemere.

Signs have been posted advising people swimming or playing in waters within 200 feet have an increased risk of gastrointestinal illness or skin infections.

The signs will remain until follow-up tests show that bacteria levels have again dropped to safe levels.

Last week, nine beach locations in Carteret County received either swim advisories or alerts, the most since 2004. Those all were lifted the next day.