3-Legged Dog Who Survived Hurricane, Owner's Death Finds New Home

The remarkable survival story of a Martin County dog finally has a happy ending.

WITN first introduced you to Ajax, the three legged dog, back in September. His adopted owner in Robersonville, Freda Hamilton, went missing and was later found dead. Before that, Ajax lost a leg during a hurricane.
After our story aired, the Williamson Veterinary Hospital which was taking care of Ajax, received hundreds of phone calls and emails from people around the country and even Canada, from people who wanted to adopt him. About a month ago, Ajax finally found his new home in Cary.

"It was a match made in heaven. He immediately went to her. He was always really hesitant with new people, jumped right in her lap, and she took him home. said Rebecca Ayscue with Williamston Veterinary Hospital.

The Williamston Veterinary Hospital says Ajax is happy and healthy in his new home.

A local dog with a remarkable survival story who sadly lost his owner is looking for a new home.

A little more than a month ago, a Robersonville woman went missing and was later found dead of natural causes.

That left her dog, Ajax, without a home.

Currently, he is being taken care of by the Williamston Veterinary Hospital.

Ajax is no stranger to hardship. His leg was amputated after he was injured in Pitt County during a hurricane. That's when Freda Hamilton of Martin County adopted him.

Now, the search is on for the right person to provide a home for Ajax.

It's believed an older couple or a woman would be best for Ajax.

If you are interested in adopting Ajax, you can contact the Williamston Veterinary Hospital. The phone number is (252)792-3000. You can also e-mail rebecca@wvhpaws.com.