Thousands Of Chickens Killed In Bertie County Fire

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Thousands of chickens were killed today in a fire in Bertie County.

Bertie County Emergency Services Manager Mitch Cooper says it happened just before noon Monday at 521 Moore Road in Kelford. Cooper says one chicken house was destroyed, and the fire started in the front of the chicken house.

WITN talked with the farmer, Tom Moore of Tom Moore Farms, and he says that there are approximately 28,000 chickens in each chicken house. He has a total of six chicken houses on two different sites. Moore says the birds killed in the fire were about 3-1/2 weeks old.

Fire Chief Leslie Parks of the Kelford Volunteer Fire Department says the wind spread the fire quickly and the structure was already burnt to the ground when crews arrived. The fire has since been put out.

Moore says he grows the chickens for Perdue and has insurance; he already filed a claim.