The Differences In Fertilizers Here And In West, Texas

A fertilizer distributor and a farmer here in the east say they're not concerned about the same thing happening here as it did in West, Texas because the fertilizer manufactured in Texas is different than what is manufactured here.

David Parker is a farmer in Craven County and says in all his years of farming and storing fertilizer, it has never caused him any problems . Parker says, "As far as I am concerned it's just as safe as any other chemicals that we handle."

Andy Bland at Cove City Fertilizer says one of the big differences in the fertilizers between here and Texas is the small amount of ammonium nitrate in the product here.

Another company that produces fertilizer is Potash Corp in Aurora. They tell me their fertilizer out of Aurora is not classified as hazardous and is not flammable. In fact, one of the products, mono-ammonium phosphate, is used in the production of fire extinguishers.