UPDATE: Private Ferry Towed 2 Days After Running Aground

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) - Workers have freed the ferry that ran aground and became stuck on a sandbar on the North Carolina coast.

The U.S. Coast Guard said the 64-foot pedestrian ferry Adventure was towed Thursday from a sandbar in the Southport Channel to Wilmington for inspection.

Coast Guard Lt. Lane Munroe said Bald Head Island Transportation refloated the Adventure about 9 a.m. and took it to Wilmington Marine Center, where it will be inspected by a contractor hired by the owner. The Coast Guard will also inspect the boat as part of its investigation into what caused the accident.

Munroe said the boat was outside of the marked channel when it hit the sandbar during low tide on Tuesday. At least 30 people were on the ferry at the time of the accident.

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PREVIOUS STORY, December 18, 2013
All of the people taken to the hospital after a private ferry serving Bald Head Island ran aground near the mouth of the Cape Fear River Tuesday are now out.

Meanwhile, efforts to refloat the 64-foot ferry Wednesday morning at high tide were not successful.

The owner of the ferry is working on a salvage plan for Coast Guard approval before any other action is taken.

Coast Guard investigators are working to determine the cause of the grounding.

Bald Head Island Limited spokeswoman Joyce Fulton said the 64-foot ferry Adventure ran aground Tuesday shortly after departing Southport at 9 a.m.

At least 30 people were on the ferry at the time of the accident.

Coast Guard officials said three vessels responded and transported 14 injured passengers back to Southport, where ambulances were waiting.

Water temperatures on Tuesday were about 50 degrees. The ferry ride between Southport and Bald Head is typically takes 20 minutes.

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