Teens Lift Tractor To Save Dad

An Oregon man is recovering after he was pinned by his overturned tractor.

Miraculously, his teenage daughters saved his life by lifting the 3,000-pound machine off of him.

Jeff Smith was able to wriggle free and get breathing room after his daughters, 14-year-old Haylee and 16-year-old Hannah, lifted the huge machine up.

Smith said he was trying to pull a stump out of his garden when the tractor flipped last Monday. The steering wheel pinned his chest to the ground.

"It's amazing. You hear about this kind of stuff... this adrenaline rush, being able to pick cars up and slide people out. You never realize it's really there until you actually witness it," Jeff said. "I was very amazed and very grateful they were able to do that."

"I was saying, 'God help me' over and over because I obviously could not lift it myself. It was heavy," Haylee said.

A neighbor finished the job by using his own tractor and its shovel to lift the Smith's tractor and allow Smith to get his arm out.

Jeff survived with a broken left wrist, cuts, bruises and a profound appreciation for the strength of his daughters.

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