Jacksonville Burger King Still Closed, Employees Recovering After Hit & Run

A couple of Jacksonville Burger King employees are still recovering after a car actually drove through the fast food restaurant Friday.

Police say 18 year old Joshua Roman backed a car into the restaurant on Marine Blvd in Jacksonville Friday and the restaurant was still shut down Tuesday. Roman also hit two cars and two employees who were working inside. Deandre Wooten was washing dishes when the car came crashing through the building.

"I got hit by the actual sink- a big metal sink. When he hit the wall it threw the sink at me and the sink hit me on my hip, my knee, and my arm. My arm was bruised and swollen right here," said Wooten.

Wooten and his coworker are recovering. Wooten says the restaurant will be closed for a few weeks as they repair roof and water damage. Roman was charged with two counts of felony hit and run after he ran from cops. He is out on bond.

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Two employees were injured after police say a teenager ran his vehicle into the side of a Burger King Restaurant and then took off. Police say the teen is facing a slew of charges, including not wearing his glasses while driving.

It happened at the North Marine Boulevard location in Jacksonville around 1:30 p.m.

Police say 18-year-old Joshua Roman of Jacksonville is charged with two counts of felony hit and run, hit and run (for hitting the building), no operators license, not wearing his glasses, careless and reckless driving, and failure to report a crash.

Two cars were also struck in addition to the restaurant. A large, approximately 10 foot wide hole was left in the side of the business.

Police say one employee was taken to the hospital by ambulance, while another was taken to the hospital by a friend.

The Burger King remains closed.