Tax Day And Freebies

Today is tax day and the clock is ticking for you to file your 2012 income tax returns to the IRS. You have until midnight tonight to get your forms in the mail. This year, nearly 94 million Americans have already submitted their tax forms. 90-percent of those were done electronically.

If you're not quite ready to file, you can get a 6-month extension, but you still have to estimate what your payment is and pay that amount with your extension.

And are you in need of something to wash away the sour taste of taxes? Get your hands on some tax day freebies.

Arby's will hand out free Value Curly Fries or free Potato Cakes.

Boston Market's offering up a “rib-bate” today; two rib meals for $10.40.

Bruegger's Bagels will sell a box of 13 bagels for $10.40.

Cinnabon will hand out for two free Cinnabon Bites, at participating locations only from 6-8 p.m.

Papa John's has a deal, $10.40 for a large pizza and 2-liter drink, online only.

Sonic has half price drinks, teas and slushies all day.