Taste Of Summer Across Eastern Carolina

As the temperatures climbed into the 90's Thursday, people were already cranking up their air conditioning.

Walt Pollard at Sam Pollard Heating and Cooling in Greenville says this is a very busy time of the year for them.

Pollard says, "A lot of people are just now finding out that their air conditioners aren't working, a lot of people too have been putting off the installation of units."

But Pollard says there are some ways to keep your home cool without an ac unit. He says, "You want to keep that radiant light out from the sun. You want to shade both sides and you want to make sure that you do get cross ventilation, so you want to have windows open on both sides of the home."

Pet owners out and about Thursday were also finding out that the sudden onset of the hot weather means our pets aren't quite adjusted to it yet either. That means they need more water and more time indoors.

And if you liked the hot weather Thursday, we're in store for more of it on Friday...just a taste of what's ahead.