Talking Trash & Crime In Greenville

How to pick up trash and criminals were both up for debate at Greenville's city council meeting Monday night.

The automated trash collection plan was approved by council. That means they'll eventually switch to using automated trucks over the next five-years, which will mean fewer workers will be needed.

Councilmember Marion Blackburn says the city is losing $1-million under the current plan and needed to make a change.

The city will now have to address concerns that some workers could lose their jobs.

The Greenville Police department's strategic plan to reduce crime over the next 3-years was also on the agenda

Chief Hassan Aden says, "It covers 3 years, many facets, but we are accountable to it, and we will report back each year to see where we are."

Chief Aden says the goals of the plan, will bring major improvements to Greenville. "Leadership and ethics, there are specific crime reduction goals, there are community engagement goals, there's technology. Everything we need to deliver the product."

Chief Aden says he hopes to reduce crime by 3-percent by the end of 2014.