Take A Look At This

An Ohio woman seeking a protective order is attacked in court by the very man she's seeking the order against. The victim was pushed to the ground and punched several times. A bailiff rushed in and was able to stop her attacker with a taser. She suffered minor injuries.
Her ex-boyfriend was arrested on domestic violence and contempt of court charges.

A daring surfer who never shies away from huge wave, may have broken his own record. Garrett Mcnamara rode this wave off the coast of Portugal. Mcnamara's previous wave ride record was 90-feet. Official verification is still needed, but it looks like this wave was even bigger, possibly even 100 feet. That means, the record books may need a little updating.

Talk about an a-peeling ride! Take a look at this car that's been spotted driving around south Florida. The man behind this fruity creation worked one day a week for 2-years building his banana dream car. He says it meets all road safety requirements. The owner says he plans to take the car on a tour through North America, Europe and Asia.