Take A Look At This

It was a very close call for a motorcyclist in China. A truck making a turn at a busy intersection tipped over, narrowly missing the man waiting to cross the street. The rider managed to hop off his bike just in time. The accident created a traffic mess but no one was seriously hurt.

This is not the world's largest bubble bath. It's actually sea foam.
Recent flooding in Australia has pushed dirty river water into some popular beach areas. With the rough seas, the result is this light, airy foam, taking over the shoreline. As you can tell, it's not ruining everyone's plans. These beach-goers appear to be enjoying themselves.

In honor of bubble wrap appreciation day, a bubble wrap manufacturer attempted a world record for the most people popping those irresistible plastic bubbles at once. More than 300 students in New Jersey got in on the action. They used more than 8 thousand square feet of wrap.
And the result was noisy! Bubble wrap appreciation day is celebrated ever year on the last Monday of January.