Take A Look At This

A snowmobile stunt at the X-Games Sunday in Colorado, went terribly awry. An Australian competitor was attempting a backflip when he lost control and fell off the snowmobile. He landed in the snow and the snowmobile took off into the crowd. One spectator needed medical attention but no serious injuries were reported.

One Miami Heat fan is 75 thousand dollars richer after making an incredible half court shot. The crowd and the team went wild. Lebron James tackled the man the floor. It was all part of a contest put on by a lip balm company. The winner says he's going to use the money to pay off his credit card bills.

Passengers on a whale watch off the coast of San Diego definitely got their money's worth. They came upon a pod of gray whales that included as many as 25 of the gigantic sea creatures. One marine expert says it could have been the largest pod ever spotted in the area.
It's mating season so whales are grouping together and migrating down the coast.