Take A Look At This!

Take a look at this!

A surveillance camera at a pharmacy in Florida caught a person go behind the counter and steal the cash register.

The store was open at the time.

Police say the man also ripped off another store just 20-blocks away, using the same technique.

Investigators are hoping a tip from the public will lead them to their suspect.

In Iowa....burglars waited until this convenience store was closed to break in.

They smashed a stolen truck into the front of the building.

Police say they were after a video poker machine inside.

Officers had no trouble tracking down the alleged robbers....one of them left a cell phone behind.

And take a look at this...

Fans in San Francisco are taking their love for the 49ers to a new level...And at a bargain price.

In a Super Bowl promotion, one tattoo parlor is offering 49er tattoos for ....you guessed it.....49-bucks.

The 49ers face the ravens in Super Bowl 47.