Take A Look At This

Take a look at this.

A california man was watching a police chase on the news and decided to film it.

He quickly realized, the drama was playing out in his own neighborhood.
In fact, the chase went right by his house.

The pursuit did eventually come to an end and police arrested the driver.

A cleaning woman in Sweden has some explaining to do.

She was on this train, which was not in service and otherwise empty, when it crashed into an apartment building.

Investigators are still piecing together the exact chain of events, but believe the woman commandeered the train.

She was seriously hurt and is hospitalized.

As you can see from the video, there is significant damage to the building.

And take a look at this!

Police in texas hope someone recognizes the men in this video.

You can see the pair spraying lighter fluid around a laundromat, attempting to set a fire.

They were unable to produce heavy flames but did manage to start a trash fire.

Firefighters spotted the smoke about an hour later and put it out before it spread.