Take A Look At This

Swimmers are not the only ones enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian waters.
This is amateur video shot in Honolulu that shows a shark swimming very close to shore. It appears to be about 8-feet long. A slightly smaller shark was spotted at another beach. Safety officials are urging people to stay out of the water!

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, Cleo was on the verge of dying. The mischievous pup licked antifreeze and developed coolant poisoning. Cleo's vet had an unusual remedy. He hooked the dog up to a Vodka drip. There's toxins in that called Etholyn-Glycol and they're very, very harmful to the kidneys so what we need to do is give them alcohol and in this case, we gave her vodka to try and mop up some of those toxins. After a couple of days of treatment, she's back in action, hangover free.

Five cheetah cubs made their first public appearance at an Australian zoo this week. Sure they're cute and cuddly, but one day, they'll be among the fastest, fiercest animals on the planet. It's truly already amazing to see how fast they are, they're a remarkable creature.
They're from the zoo's first successful cheetah litter in nearly a decade.