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You're looking at the most wanted reptile in Florida. The state has declared a month-long 'open season' on these giant Burmese pythons.
The snake is threatening the ecosystem of the Florida Everglades.
Hundreds of big snake wranglers, from hard-core hunters to complete beginners are taking part in the competition, designed to thin out the state's python population.

Take A Look At the return of an american muscle car legend...
GM unveiled its 2014 Corvette Stingray, resurrecting a model name last used in 1976. It will be the most powerful Corvette ever, with a 450-horsepower, six-point-two liter v8 engine. No word on the price tag yet, but expect it to go on sale this fall!

6,000 people, plus 34 truckloads of snow, equals tons of fun! Seattle's snow day may have set the Guinness Record for the largest snowball fight in the world. In case you were wondering, it did not snow much in Seattle this weekend, So all of this snow, all 162-thousand pounds was trucked in from the mountains specifically for this snowball fight.