Take A Look At This

Here's never before seen video of a 10-foot-long squid! Crews with the Japanese network, NHK, and the Discovery Channel caught the giant sea creature on camera! Its eyes are the size of dinner plates, and it has razor-toothed suckers. Tales of this mysterious squid have been around since ancient times. The giant squid will be featured on Discovery Channel's "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real" which airs later this month.

A great white shark was tracked off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday. An ocean research group contacted police when a great white named "Mary Lee" was tracked about 200-yards offshore.
She was tagged off the coast of cape cod back in September. The great white is 16-feet long and weighs nearly 35-hundred pounds!
Police are warning people to stay out of the water!

Part of Florida's Interstate 75 looked like a rodeo when a bull gave deputies a run for it. Dashcam video shows the angry bull over powering a deputy. The bull got loose when a livestock trailer ripped open after a crash. A trooper can be seen jumping over the hood of a car to avoid the animal. No one was seriously hurt in the bizarre incident. The bull eventually ran off the interstate before deputies put it down.