Take A Look At This

This man plunged into a frozen lake while sledding on Christmas day in California. Mickey Herman was driving by, and caught it all on camera.
"It was hard to watch. It really was. We saw that guy go under three times, and the third time we didn't think he was coming back up." As people came to his aid, they fell in the icy water as well. Herman had a rope in his car and tossed it to them, but it wasn't long enough.
More people added cargo straps to the rope, and tossed inner tubes to the struggling swimmers. After several minutes, everyone was rescued.

A Minnesota couple was married on one of the coldest days in months outdoors. Ryan Hoffman and Nikki Hering tied the knot on New Year's Day, with the temperature hovering just above zero. They invited more than a hundred guests who bundled up to watch the happy couple exchange vows. Their reception was held inside.

These identical twin sisters from Ohio gave birth at the same hospital, on the same day, less than two hours apart. They say they never planned to become pregnant at the same time. Their due dates were just five days apart, and they never imagined little Donavyn and little Aiden would arrive on the exact same day. "We're best friends."
"Our babies are going to be best friends."