Take A Look At This

After a night of New Year's Eve partying, this is definitely something you can sink your teeth in to. An Australian man created this "Hangover Burger." It was made with the standard fixings, meat patties, lettuce, and tomatoes. But also included fried eggs, bacon and whole barbecue chickens. The finished product measured six and a half feet tall, and tipped the scales at more than 220 pounds. It served as a New Year's day snack for more than a dozen Australians.

A group of masked thieves caught on camera robbing a jewelry store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Police say they broke in through the roof, cut the alarm system and even took out a surveillance camera. They torched their way into three safes and got away with what was inside.
Police are searching for the suspects.

This Australian couple is going to be busy this year. The pair, grandparents in their sixties, have vowed to run a marathon every single day of 2013. "We're trying to inspire others to make conscious lifestyle choices, every choice they make in life." If they pull it off, they'll cover more than nine thousand miles. Along they way, they plan to raise money for various charities.