Take A Look At This

This guy is prepared for whatever happens on December 21st, the day some say marks the end of the Mayan calendar. "People getting ready for December 21 this year should be prepared for any possible scenarios, whether it be the end of days, civil unrest, nuclear attack."
The owner of an army surplus store in Dallas says his customers have been prepping for years, stockpiling gas masks, MRE's and even building bunkers. Author and Mayan expert Mark Van Stone says there's no cause for alarm. "The Maya not only did not predict an end of the world calendar, but they predicted that things would go on for thousands of years after 2012."

For one private collector, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
This piano was sold at auction Friday. You may recognize it from a very famous scene in the 1942 classic "Casablanca," starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Sotheby's New York says the piano went for more than 600-thousand-dollars. That price was a much lower than had been expected.

We've heard of all the babies born on December 12th, or 12-12.
But this family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa welcomed their 12th child on 12-12. Little Regina Marie Smith just made it, she was born at 11:41 pm. The family's other children range in age from 21 to a year old.