Take A Look At This

Honolulu's mayor has gone "Gangnam Style" During the city's annual christmas tree topping ceremony, Mayor Peter Carlisle and several members of his staff joined the Hawaii Pacific University dance team on stage. This is just one of the latest imitations of South Korean rapper Psy's hit video.

This goat is in trouble with the law after bullying students at a Houston middle school. Authorities say the loose animal was chasing children as they walked to class, even trying to headbutt and bite some of them.
The principal corralled 400 students into the cafeteria and called animal control. No one was hurt. The goat is in the county pen. If it's not claimed it will be put up for auction.

It's the busiest time of year for "The Gingerbread Lady," Ellen Morris, who runs a shop in Birmingham, Alabama. "I go seven days a week, wide open right now and I have been since September." This year she was asked to design a gingerbread replica of the White House. Most of her creations take about 12 hours, this one took 12 days. It's now the centerpiece at a christmas celebration at Alabama's "American Village."
Morris says she plans to take three weeks off once the holidays are over.