Take A Look At This

An Oregon couple was inside this car when a 100-foot fir tree crushed its roof. Both escaped with relatively minor injuries. Rescuers called it remarkable. "They must have had a bright light shining on them. If you look at the passenger's compartment, especially the driver's compartment, there's about a space the size of two loaves of bread in there." Firefighters helped the couple crawl out the passenger window.
Investigators believe a combination of wind and wet soil caused the tree to fall.

The San Francisco Bay area is soggy. Three storms over the last five days have brought about 20 inches of rain to northern California. In Lafayette, flood waters created a 20-foot sink hole that swallowed a road. The collapsing asphalt snapped water and sewage lines.
Residents have been told the road won't be completely repaired for several weeks.

This holiday season, a retired air force vet in Tucson, Arizona is lending Santa a helping hand. Sammy Eggerman started making wooden toys for needy children last year. He gets his material for free at the University of Arizona, where he's a lab assistant. "We cleaned out the classrooms and threw away all this wood, and I said, we can't throw this away!" Over the past ten months, he's built nearly 160 planes, trains and cars.