Take A Look At This

Santa Claus may be missing one of his reindeer. A deer crashed through a glass door at a beauty supply store in Livonia, Michigan Monday, and the wild adventure was caught on tape! You can see the deer trying to prance its way inside. A woman tries to figure out what all the noise is about, that's when the animal crashes through the glass and dashes right pass her. The deer was inside the store about 15 minutes before dashing out of the place.

Dogs are hitting the gym in central Florida. A pet gym recently opened to help these four-legged creatures trim down and tone up! This little guy is hitting the gym twice a week, and swims 50 laps. He's dropped six pounds in four months.

Looking for a new way to advertise? How about on someone else's head! A Texas man is selling advertisement space on his bald head.
For $320-bucks you can have your own walking billboard. Brandon Chicotsky says he's naturally bald and says he's donating half the money to an organization that focuses on a disease that causes hair loss.