Take A Look At This

Judging from this Black Friday scene in Roseville, California, perhaps its best "Cyber \Monday" shopping is done online. Lawrence Corpus was shopping at a mall when a straight up brawl broke out. He says he saw two women fighting each other, as well as two men ganging up on another man. "It could have easily become a riot, I think." Corpus' video has been viewed more than 15,000 times on Youtube.

Atula the camel had quite the weekend! Her circus handlers were about to take the four year old into the ring for some exercise, but Atula had other ideas. Onlookers in Glendale, California say some ten people were on the street chasing the camel before she was finally reigned in safely at a gas station. "The last thing you want to see is a camel let loose on the street, so it was a little bizarre."

And finally, it's not just humans that are feeling the brrrr this time of year. Check out these squirrel monkeys huddling together at the Chengdu Zoo in China. The staff brings out electric heaters to help them and other animals stay warm. The animals' diets also include more protein in the colder months to help them adjust.