Take A Look At This

Diving pigs! A farmer in China has trained his swine to jump at least three times a day from a 10-foot platform into a pond. He tells Chinese news agency CCTV that the exercise makes his pigs leaner, which means they taste better. The pigs might even like the activity, the farmer says some jump up to 30 times a day.

The pro's may soon be calling Grinnell College ball player Jack Taylor.
The sophomore guard shattered the NCAA's single game scoring record tuesday night, putting up an astonishing 138 points. That tops the previous record by 25 points. He took 108 shots, draining 52 of them, and was 27-for-71 from 3-point range.

At the "Scooptacular" ice cream shop in Phoenix, Thanksgiving dinner comes by the scoop. They're offering seasonal flavors you might expect, like pumpkin pie and cranberry. But they're also serving sweet potato, sweet corn and even turkey. "They're like, turkey, what is that? You know, is it some kind of chocolate, some kind of caramel? It's like, no, it's the real deal. It's real turkey ice cream." The shop makes all its own ice cream, and is known for its unique offerings. "There's a piece of corn right there. So i'm literally eating Thanksgiving dinner in a single cup, it's pretty cool."