Take A Look At This

Firefighters are used to taking calls about cats stuck in trees, but when a kitten is stuck inside an Abraham Lincoln statue, its quite a different story! A Humane Society representative says the kitten had been trapped for several days in the statue at the Presidents' Hall Of Fame in Clermont, Florida. He's baffled as to how the little guy got in there!
Firefighters drilled a hole through the top and successfully made the rescue! The kitten was taken to a local vet to be checked out.
Fittingly, he will be named Abe.

Residents in Washington state need to trade in their cars for boats this week! Heavy rain fall has stranded cars in high water, with some bridges completely underwater! You can also see the mud covering some of the train tracks and trees toppled in high winds. The wet weather is expected to continue through the week.

Artistic expression can be a therapeutic way to cope with stress, unless it involves vandalizing public property! A Florida woman going through a divorce and custody battle was arrested on criminal mischief charges after police say she spray painted broken purple hearts outside a Jacksonville courthouse. City officials used pressure washers and scrub brushes to try to remove the paint, and say they got most of it off.