Take A Look At This

There's no clowning around here! A man in a clown suit comes to blows with a Milwaukee police officer. Mitch Cooper said he couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled up to a stop sign and noticed the commotion. "What's going through my head is a cop beating up a clown. How can I not capture this video and show it to all my friends?"
The man in the clown suit was identified as a local activist and is often seen outside of City Hall. Police say they'd received complaints that he was chasing cars with a squirt gun. They say the clown resisted arrest and was charged with disorderly conduct.

This Georgia teen is turning more than just heads with one of his new creations. A wooden bike he built in his basement! 15-year-old Collin Grave, who's home schooled, says he got bored with his physics homework and decided to build a bike! It was made from a single sheet of plywood and makes for a bumpy ride. "A couple of friends have ridden it, dad's ridden it but no one has actually asked to ride it again."

Here's a look you've probably never seen before from President Obama! He recently met with members of the 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team, where he posed with gymnast Mckayla Maroney, imitating her infamous "not impressed" look. Maroney won a silver medal and during the ceremony was caught making a similar face.