Take A Look At This

A koala bear made a lucky escape from a raging bush fire in Australia.
A passer-by spotted the marsupial sitting in what was left of a burned tree, and gave it some water before taking it to an animal hospital.
The koala suffered singed fur and a burnt paw. The fires burned more than two-thousand acres, destroying several homes.

Venice is even more waterlogged than usual. Heavy rains lifted sea levels to a peak of five feet above normal, flooding 70-percent of the Italian city. Local media reports this is the sixth-highest water level the city has seen since record-keeping began in 1872.

Chefs in Switzerland assembled a dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth.
They spent three hours Sunday creating the world's longest cream cake, measuring about four-thousand feet long. That's nearly a quarter mile of sugar, flour and cream. Officials from Guinness World Records certified the cake as the longest-ever. It beats a 19-92 record set in Belgium. The cake was sold, piece by piece, with proceeds benefitting breast cancer research.