Take A Look At This

This robot can play ping-pong, and he's pretty darn good at it too. The robot was created by Chinese researchers to test skills like movement, coordination and balancing. He showed off his table tennis talents at the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.

It took more than a century, but this woman finally voted! 106-year-old Gladys Miller cast her ballot in the presidential election with the help of a friend. "She's been alive for 19 presidencies dating all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, but this is the first time she actually voted."

Elisa Kennedy is the longest serving poll worker in the state of California.
The 96-year-old was on the job Tuesday greeting voters in San Francisco.
She has worked every election since 1949 when Truman was president and gasoline cost just a quarter a gallon. The state of California recognized Kennedy for her dedication on Election Day. She's also happy to show off the name tags she has worn during elections over the years.