Take A Look AT This

On your mark, get set, go! A stampede broke out in Greenville County, South Carolina after parents rushed to get their kid registered at the school of their choice. The competitive group of parents camped out for days. "To me as a father I definitely want my kids to have better opportunity than I ever had." A woman was knocked down and had to be hospitalized. Her injuries were not serious.

More than 700 students students from an elementary school in Alexandria, Louisiana got into the Christmas spirit, Monday. The children were decked in red or white to be part of a human peppermint display, for the school's Christmas photo. "We pride ourselves in sending a unique Christmas card every year and we got together this year wanting to do a very special greeting its our way of saying thank you and Merry Christmas."

Christmas may have come early for a Wisconsin woman.
Karen Mallet paid a little over 12-bucks for a print she found at a Goodwill store. She noticed the work of art was signed by a famed abstract artist. "I looked down and I saw the signature and I thought Calder? Alexander Calder maybe?" Mallet took the print to an appaiser and discovered the piece is worth nine-thousand dollars!