TROOPERS: Man In Hit & Run Killed An Hour Later After Car Breaks Down

The Highway Patrol says a driver suspected in a hit and run accident was killed an hour later when his vehicle broke down and he was struck while walking down the road.

Troopers say Jerry Grier of Richlands died at the scene when he got hit by a passing van. The accident happened around 10:00 p.m. on Highway 258 near Pony Farm Road.

They say the 61-year-old Grier was walking because his car quit working. Troopers say they didn't realize that Grier was involved in a hit and run until they inspected his car after his death.

The hit and run happened an hour earlier on Firetower Road where a vehicle rear ended a car and kept going.

No charges have been brought against the driver of the van that struck Grier.