Boil Water Advisory Lifted After Major Water Line Break In Jacksonville

Jacksonville officials announced Friday afternoon that the boil water advisory for parts of Northwoods has been lifted.

A major leak due to cold weather appeared Thursday morning at the intersection of Henderson Drive and Doris Avenue.

The city says tests have since come back and show no contamination of the water.

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City officials now say what is being called a major water line break in Jacksonville is related to the severe cold.

Traffic is being diverted around parts of the Henderson Drive and Doris Avenue intersection so that crews can fix the leak.

Drivers are being asked to avoid that area if possible as repairs are expected to last into tonight.

As a precaution, a boil water advisory has been issued for surrounding neighborhoods. Those include the west side of Henderson Drive, from Carmen Avenue to the Northwoods Rec Center, and back to Clyde Drive, from St. Anne's Lane to Carmen Avenue.

If you live in the affected area, you should boil water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth or food preparation. This should also be done for tap water that is placed out for pets.