THE ODDS: What Are Your Chances Of Winning Tonight's Enormous Powerball Jackpot Or A Piece Of It?

So what are your odds for winning tonight’s record $500 million Powerball jackpot?

The Powerball website shows it to be about one in 175 million for matching all five numbers and the Powerball on a $2 ticket.

The odds get better for taking just a piece of the enormous jackpot.

You have a one in 5.1 million chance of getting all five numbers right without the Powerball for a prize of $1 million.

You can win $10,000 by matching four numbers plus the Powerball. Your odds of that are one in about 648,000.

If you match four of the numbers without the Powerball, you win $100. You have about a one in 19,000 chance of that. You can also win $100 if you get three of the numbers right plus the powerball. The odds of that win are one in about 12,200.

For a $7 prize, you need to get three numbers right or two numbers right plus the Powerball. The odds are one in 360 and one in 706.

For a crack at a $4 prize, you need one number plus the Powerball or just choose the Powerball correctly. Your chance are one in 110 or one in 55.

These statistics are from the Powerball website based on a $2 play.

The last big Powerball hit in North Carolina was in 2010. A retired firefighter from Asheville won a $141 million jackpot. He took a lump sum, which was about $47 million after taxes.

The very first Powerball winner in North Carolina was in Halifax County. A correctional officer won the jackpot in 2006. She took the lump sum of $36 million.