TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Amy Howard Of B.F.Grady Elementary in Duplin County

The Teacher Of The Week for January 9, 2013 is Amy Howard.

Amy is a Kindergarten teacher at B.F.Grady Elementary in Duplin County.

She attended Mount Olive College and graduated from UNCW with a BA degree in Early Childhood.

Amy has been teaching in Duplin County for 25 years.

Amy writes, "I enjoy teaching Kindergarten so much. It is a very important grade in school because we lay the foundation in a child's educational journey. I love all of my students and they know that, and they also know I have high expectations for each of them. I have a sign on my desk that states "I'm as special as special can be because Mrs. Amy believes in me!" That is my goal daily, believing in every student that walks into classroom 701!"

The person who nominated Amy said, "everyone loves her!"