TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Deborah Mooring

Deborah Mooring has been teaching for 14 years and has spent all of those years at Chocowinity Middle School. The school is located at 3831 U.S. 17 in Chocowinity in Beaufort County.

Mrs. Mooring graduated from ECU with a Bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Math and Science Education in the spring of 2000. She returned to ECU to obtain a Master's Degree and completed the program in the Spring of 2006. She has two daughters, ages 11 and 6. She has been married for 14 years.

Deborah writes: “Initially, I resisted my childhood notion to become a teacher because teacher salaries in our state are so low. However, I quickly realized teaching is what I love and money isn't everything. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy. I chose to teach middle school because it is such a crucial time in a child's development, both mentally and physically. I have laughed, cried, celebrated and mourned with my students throughout the years. In spite of everything we face today, I could not imagine doing anything else.”

The person who nominated her last month wrote: “Mrs. Mooring is a funny, smart, and a good teacher… she is a really good teacher and cares for her students.”

Another nomination back in April stated: “I came into eighth grade thinking so bad about math and I'm leaving the middle school and I feel much better about Math. She (Mrs. Mooring) is really something special.”