TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Danielle Schubert

WITN's Teacher of the Week for Wednesday, September 11th 2013 is Danielle Schubert from Dixon Elementary in Onslow County.

Danielle wanted to be a teacher from the time she was a little girl. She went to college at William Cary University in South Mississippi and graduated in May 2010. She then got her Masters in Elementary Education in 2011.

In the fall of 2011, she moved to North Carolina and began her job search. She was hired in January 2012 as a math teacher at Northwoods Elementary in Jacksonville. The following year she was hired as a third grade teacher at Northwoods Elementary. This year, she is teaching first grade at Dixon Elementary in the Onslow County town of Holly Ridge.

Danielle says she loves teaching and wouldn’t trade it for any other career.

Danielle was nominated by her husband, Tim, who is in the military

Tim has recently returned home from seven months in Afghanistan. He wrote that Danielle has been juggling getting her new classroom ready, lesson plans, plus taking care of and setting up their home in preparation for his return home from deployment. He said she has already made an impact on many lives and says her future is very bright.

Congratulations, Mrs. Schubert!