TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Demeteria Staton

Demeteria Staton is the WITN NCEL Teacher of the Week!
She teaches at Williamston Primary School in Martin County.

Demeteria graduated from NC A&T State University in Greensboro with a degree in Art Education.

She is from Williamston and has been teaching art in Martin County Schools for over 27 years. She loves art because it is a part of our everyday world.

She writes: "Art is exciting because it allows young minds to create, design and make everyday life exciting! Not only does art make life exciting but it creatively expands children's abilities to master other basic subjects such as reading, writing and math. Because art is hands on and visual, as an art teacher I create projects that make learning simple while expanding the minds of my students. I love creating and believe that every young child has the ability to create, draw, and invent. When a child enters my classroom I try to make them believe that their work in art is important and valuable. I believe that art is a discipline which prepares our students for the future to believe that the sky is the limit to be the very best that they can be."

Demeteria is also a youth motivational speaker in her community at local churches, and she is also a poet. In 2010, she became a national board certified teacher.

The person who nominated Demeteria wrote: "Staton teaches our students a variety of art along with bring in several community artists. Some of the many kinds of arts the children make are stitchery, ceramics, plaster, jewel boxes, necklaces, bracelets, pillows, portrait paintings, collages, portrait quilts, and the list goes on and on. Some of the many activities that she creates with our students can be found on her school web page. Miss Staton displays our students work in local businesses, enter our students work in the County's Art Contest and others. One of our student won 1st Place in a North Carolina's State Farmers' Contest. Several times our students have won Superintendent's Choice. Throughout the year she brings in local Artists to share their crafts and art work with our students. Miss Staton has received a Wal-Mart grant for our school, she is the Chair of our school's Diversity Program which she allows students to perform, MC and carry out the entire program. Last year a Kindergarten student Co-Hosted the program with a Second grade student. Miss Staton teaches art summer camps in the community during the summer, teaches art at a local nursing home, and for the last 12 years has been chosen annually to teach art in Greensboro at the North Carolina Association of Teachers' Assistants. She often team teaches with the Exceptional Teacher that involves creating hands on activities for the parents to come out and join in with their children. She and the other Resource Teachers plans a PBIS Fun Day every six week for the entire school. These are just a few of the many things that Miss Staton contributes to the education of the boys and girls at Williamston Primary and the reason that I believe that this hard working dedicated teacher should be WITN Teacher of the Week."