TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Christle McKinney Of Wintergreen Primary In Pitt County.

Christle McKinney is the Teacher Of The Week for Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

Christle is a K-2 EC Teacher at Wintergreen Primary in Pitt County.

The person who nominated Christle wrote that Christle made her grandson’s transition to school in North Carolina smooth and worry free, and that Christle’s classroom is a bright, supportive environment where the children are made to feel welcome and successful. The person who nominated her wrote: “She really understands that each child is unique and their abilities are unique so her way of teaching is amazingly catered to each child’s needs and ability, she is also always available for questions are concerns and is a wealth of information for parents. I love to see my grandson so excited and happy to be going to school, because of her work with him he has been able to participate in activities with other children outside a school setting which gives him valuable skills that aid him in his development not only in speech and social skills but also in day to day living and interacting with others. She is a big part of why I can really see a future bright with promise and potential for a incredible loving 7 year old boy.”