Sweepstakes Businesses: Software Makes Machines Legal

A State Supreme Court decision upholding a ban on video sweepstakes machines took effect Thursday, but some internet sweepstakes owners say they are using software which makes their machines legal.

Figureight Representative Kevin Morse says the company has come up with a software, called "Blue Diamond Pre-Reveal that gives customers a "reveal" button at the bottom of the screen, showing them their prize without playing the game. Morse says this change complies with the law and makes the games legal.

"We're not trying to get around the law. We're not trying to find a loophole. We're trying to make sure that the product does comply with the law and I think Figureight has done a good job of doing that," said Morse

Nearly 150 businesses across North Carolina have converted their software in the last few days.
We called the state sheriff's association to see if this software makes the sweepstakes machines legal. They tells us it's not legal until the sheriff's office evaluates each machine to makes sure it complies with the new law.