Police Spot Swansboro Man Pulling Pharmacy Safe Down Highway

A man police say broke into a pharmacy was arrested after the store's safe was seen dragging behind his car.

Swansboro police arrested 22-year-old Ryan Mullins Tuesday morning.

Police said Mullins broke into the Family Care Pharmacy in Swansboro and got away with the safe.

An officer on patrol saw the car go by, with the safe in tow. The safe, which was used to store medications, was being pulled by a rope attached to the car's open trunk.

Mullins was initially charged with DWI, while police began checking to see who owned the safe. About the same time, police got the call about the pharmacy break-in.

Police say Mullins wasn't far from his home, and they believe he was hoping by dragging the safe it would eventually open.

Mullins went before a judge Wednesday morning on charges of safecracking, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, trafficking of opium or heroin and DWI.