Mother, Son Charged In Two Armed Robberies

A mother and her teenage son have been charged in two armed robberies that happened five days apart.

Onslow County deputies arrested Kimberly Christian and her son, Richard "Tommy" Dennis Monday just minutes after an attempted robbery happened at a flower shop.

A man armed with a gun tried to rob the April Showers flower shop on Piney Green Road, with a woman driving the getaway vehicle.

Deputies arrested the mother and son about 15 minutes later.

Jacksonville police say the two are also charged with the Wednesday night armed robbery of the Bojangles' Restaurant, which is also on Piney Green Road.

The two are expected to make a court appearance this morning.

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The Onslow County Sheriff's Office says two people are in custody following an armed robbery Monday afternoon.

Deputies say someone tried to rob "April Showers" flower shop on Piney Green Road at gunpoint.

The suspect fled on foot and eventually got into a vehicle driven by a female suspect.

The two were arrested 15 minutes later just 3 miles away from the business.

Police say the suspects confessed to several other robberies in Jacksonville and Onslow County.

Authorities are not releasing the names of the suspects or other information about the other robberies.