Survivors Reflect On Deadly Tornadoes Three Years Later

Deadly tornadoes that killed 24 people across the state, and 12 here in Eastern Carolina, aren't far from the memories of those who experienced them first hand. Wednesday marks the tragedy's three-year anniversary.

Clarence Grandy of Bertie County watched from his neighbor's house as a tornado destroyed his trailer and many others on Morris Ford Road in Colerain.

"Wasn't five seconds," remembers Clarence. "It sounded like a freight train."

12 people were killed in Bertie County that day.

"It was the worst night, worst day probably, that I've ever experienced in my career," says Jennifer Stalls.

Stalls now works at the Bertie County Sheriff's Office, but she was a volunteer EMT the night the storms hit.

"It's devastation like you could never imagine," she says.

Three years later, Grandy and many of his neighbors have rebuilt their trailers and houses.

In all, there were 30 confirmed tornadoes on April 16, 2011. Grandy says his wife's car was thrown 150 feet from the driveway, and that her driver's license was found all the way in Norfolk, Virginia.