Surf City Hosts Gun Safety Camps For Children

We have all seen our share of gun violence in the east and now one local city is working to increase childrens' knowledge about proper gun safety techniques.

Surf City Parks and Recreation is partnering with Surf City Guns and Ammo, local law enforcement and NRA instructors to host gun safety camps for children, starting Monday.

The camps are for children ages 9 through 14. Camps will be taught in two sessions, the first one beginning Monday through Friday and another from August 11 through August 15.

The aim of the camps is to prevent accidents with guns through teaching kids gun safety and responsibility.

In the classroom, children involved will review basics on pistol and rifle safety through a series of hands-on demonstrations and presentations.

Children participating will also receive visits from local law enforcement agencies, including the Pender County Sheriff's Department.

On the last day of camp, campers will be escorted to an outdoor range to test their knowledge and safe use of a Ruger 10/22. They will use a variety of target materials, including zombies and balloons.

Monday's camp session will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration for the gun safety camps is $125. While it is too late to register for the first session, registration for the August 11 session is still open.

For more information on how to sign your child up for the camps, you can call (910) 328-4887 or click here.