Summer Time Home Care: Rain And Residual Moisture

With the moist air sweeping back in to eastern Carolina over the next week, condensation and water pooling will continue around air conditioning pipes under houses. It is like the ice cold glass on a warm summer day. The cool sides of the glass causes the water vapor in the surrounding air to condense in to water droplets. The cool AC pipes in crawl spaces and under homes act the same way, collecting water droplets and potentially causing some water pooling.

The pooling water is problematic if left unchecked. It increases the rate of wood rot and raises the chances of termite infestation, weakening the foundation of your home. For most homes, the moisture in the crawl space lasts for two months or so, posing very little threat to the integrity of the wood foundation. However if the moisture stays for six months or more, homeowners could be looking at costly repairs down the road.

While this is of greatest concern to potential sellers, every home owner should be aware of the water under their house. Vigilance of this issue could be the difference between turning a profit and costly repairs