"Stumpies:" Unconventional Name For Gun Shop In Swansboro

A couple of retired Marines are giving back to the Camp Lejeune community and having fun doing it.

They are making quite the name for themselves with an unconventional name for their new custom gun shop in Swansboro.

The shop on West Corbett Avenue is named "Stumpies," and once you know the two men who own this shop, you'll see why this name shows they have a sense of humor.

Johnny Morris and Brad Lang weren't born brothers but they sure do act like it. Their bond came from an experience few people ever go through together.

They met in 2008 at Camp Lejeune and went to school together to become explosive ordnance disposal technicians. They had their 1st deployment to Afghanistan together. They worked in the same platoon, and deployed together again to Afghanistan in 2011 where Morris lost one leg and Lang lost both.

Morris and Lang spent about 9-months recovering together at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland and that is where they dreamed up the idea of a custom gun shop and Lang's wife helped come up with the name.

Lang says, "My wife was like Stumpies you idiot. You only got one good leg between the two of you. Stumpies it was."

Morris says, "We got tired of working for the man and we wanted to work for the dude."

When they aren't customizing guns they talk at schools and help raise funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation Semper Fi Fund.

Lang says, "I want them to look up to us and get that motivation that you don't have to just sit around when something like this happens. You can do whatever you want to do. There's not much that we can't do. We built this place ourselves."

They're excited about releasing their own line of guns in the next couple of months. Two of the new guns are named after two Marines killed during the same deployment in which they were injured, Dan Patrone and EJ Payton.