Strawberry Crops Take A Hit From The Cold, But Still Expected To Be Plentiful

This year's strawberry harvest is just weeks away, but some local farms say their crops were hit hard by a rough winter season and late cold snap.

Scott Jones is head of day to day operations of Jones Fruit and Produce Farm in Greene County.

He says this late into the season there should be small green berries on the plants. Instead, several of the flowers have died because of a cold snap two weeks ago.

Jones says while strawberries only make up a small portion of what they grow, the berry's popularity brings folks around the region to the farm and their store

Jones says he's grateful there are any plants that survived this cold winter season. He says, "Last year there wasn't anything. We had the virus last year and that took about 100 percent of the crop. So we didn't have any strawberries last year, which was the first year in 30 years."

Jones says despite the cold snap, you can still expect a healthy crop and plenty of strawberries come May first.